Common Questions


Who is Integrity House Services, LLC? 

  • We are a family-owned business located in Northfield, MN, owned by Nick & Emma Kehren.

  • Emma Kehren is in charge of the Cleaning and Gardening portions of our business.

  • Nick Kehren is in charge of the Home Maintenance/Contractor side of our business.

  • We work, primarily, in people’s homes doing anything and everything the homeowner needs help with. 




Are customers able to request what they want done?  

  • Absolutely!  We customize every cleaning job around your specific needs and desires.

  • During your FREE CONSULTATION, you can tell us exactly what you want done.

  • We will work within your budget and make your cleaning affordable and easy to set up!

  • We will wash dishes, do laundry, make beds, turn mattresses – whatever you need help with.


Who provides the cleaning supplies?  

  • We supply all the cleaning products, unless there are specific products you have in your home that you’d prefer we use.  Most of our products are Eco-Friendly.

  • We bring high quality vacuums and cleaning tools at no additional charge.


Do you guarantee your services?  

  • Absolutely.  We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  We believe in a relationship with our customers that alleviates their concerns about who is working for them and whether or not they will be happy with the job done.  We’ll make it right, we promise!


What cleaning times do you offer? 

  • We offer regular cleaning every 1, 2 or 4 weeks, as well as Will Call cleanings.  We also offer Gifted Cleanings, so you can treat a friend or loved one to the joyful gift of a clean home!

  • Your cleaning team will normally arrive within ½ hour of your scheduled cleaning time, depending on the previous jobs your cleaning team is doing that day.  If we’re running behind, we’ll give you a call to let you know when they’ll arrive.


How do you gain access to our home? 

  • Most people prefer to give us a key or their garage code.  We are insured and everyone at Integrity strives to live up to our company name "Integrity" in every way.  We hire trustworthy people that care about our customer’s well being.

  • If we’re locked out, we’ll try another door, try to contact the owner, or otherwise reschedule.


What if our cleaning date falls on a Holiday? 

  • We will contact you ahead of time to reschedule a convenient date for you.


What if I want to skip or move a cleaning? 

  • Please call us as far ahead as possible and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.




Can you design, pick out and plant my flower garden? YES!
Can you trim my bushes?     YES!
Can you dead head, water and mulch? YES!
Can you put in edging and pavers? YES!




 What kind of home maintenance do you do? 

  • Check out the Our Services section.  We do most everything!

  • We have Sub Contractors to call upon if a job requires their assistance – Plumbers, Electricians, Masons, etc.

  • We’ll tackle most any maintenance project you have around your home.  We want to be your 1-STOP SHOP!  Call us and ask!


Do you have a minimum charge? 

  • No!  We charge Time & Materials with No Minimum!


Are you insured? 

  • Yes!  We carry Business Insurance, Liability and Worker Compensation.  We are a professional business and are concerned about our customer’s well being, as well as our employees.


Will you provide Estimates? 

  • Yes!  We will be glad to provide a Free Written Estimate!


Are you willing to do small projects? 

  • Absolutely!  We’ll come to your home to change a light bulb or a smoke detector battery.  We just charge for the time we spend taking care of you.


Will you take things to Recycling or the Dump? 

  • Yes!  We regularly haul trash, toxic chemicals/paint, TV’s, old furniture, household items and compost to Rice County Landfill/Recycling, or the Northfield Compost Site, depending on the items and the time of year.  We also will be glad to take items to the Used A Bit shop, or the Clothes Closet for you.

  • We’ve also been known to help people move!


Do we have to pick up our own materials? 

  • Only if you want to.  We will be glad to buy and pick up materials for you and simply add the cost to your bill.  We want to make things as easy for you as we can.

  • We only charge you what we pay for the materials.  We do not add any profit to the cost of materials.


Here are some questions with answers that we’ve been asked. 

Can you hang Christmas lights? YES!
Can you clean out my dryer vent? YES!
Can you install a hand rail in the garage? YES!
Can you repair a hinge on our antique table? YES!
Can you change a light bulb high up in a vaulted ceiling? YES!
Can you get my cat out of the tree? YES!
Can you renovate my attic? YES!
Can you build new kitchen cabinets? YES!